Wednesday, Sept. 26

World Literature:  We have finished reading The Odyssey together, and I hope that you feel as though you benefitted from stopping occasionally so I could highlight important images, motifs, archetypes, symbols, and themes.  I feel as though you picked up on these really well.  Soon, it is time to put these into ACTION!  Please note that I have updated our class page with a new daily syllabus.

AP Literature:  I have ALL “Shrek/Critical Lens” papers and ALL of your 1st Timed-Writing papers graded tonight.  If you haven’t gotten yours returned, you will receive it tomorrow (Thursday). All graded work is currently posted on Skyward.  Overall, what I’m seeing from writing is that there is a lot of “digging around” within texts but without much sense of purpose to support a thesis.  We must start here – without thesis, argument, and purpose, it will be impossible to actually use your analytical skills or writing voices in ways that help you to eventually prove a point in writing.

Some of you may feel a bit wounded by your initial “AP/College Board” writing scores or multiple choice practice scores, and that’s okay — it’s a launching place.  Please think about it this way:  you’ve been trained through 10th grade, now in a class to train you for collegiate expectations … between 10th grade and college, there are going to be gaps, fissures, and holes in your skills.  Identifying them early and learning how to correct them will launch us into improvement, growth, and refinement.  To me, this is excellent work, and currently I am very happy with the interest and investment from you.

Monday, Sept. 24

World Literature:  We are a bit behind the initial plan, but that’s okay and manageable.  We are still reading The Oddyssey together.  2nd hour is on page 17, and 5th hour is on page 24. 

AP Literature:  We began the in-class multiple choice test practice today.  Please finish this as homework for tomorrow (Tuesday).


AP Lit Post for “The Bluest Eye”

To those of you who are still going to post a response to class discussion before Monday, I encourage you to read what your classmates have already written … and to dig deeper.  Many response posts are truly insightful, and each offers meaningful questions and/or  topics worthy of consideration for discussion.  This is good work, this thinking!

Thursday, Sept. 20

World Lit:  I’ve graded your Multiple Intelligence papers, and I’ve discovered a lot about you – thank you for sharing some very important aspects of your lives and learning!  Tomorrow we will look at your papers, I will re-teach some common writing errors, and we will (by request, per most of your dominant learning preferences) do an on-your-feet review of The Odyssey, Intro to Book 8.

AP Lit.:  Some of you have already begun to post responses to topics in class from Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. Fantastic! Please know that when I approve your writing to be posted, it is because what you have written is valuable for continued discussion, not necessarily because your ideas may or may not be ‘correct’ (as in, supported by text). Because I approve a post does not necessarily mean that I agree with it, or that the Morrison’s text supports the ideas in the post, or that there are not questions embedded within and to be drawn from strongly opinionated posts  — I approve only when the ideas are valuable for continued discussion, so feel free to also kindly respond to peers’ postings.  Remember, each person should post by Monday, September 24.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Remember: no classes tomorrow (9/19) for Staff Development.

World Literature:  I am very pleased with how the majority in our class is focusing on reading, analysis, and summary skills as we review Greek culture and mythology and Homer’s The Iliad and read an excerpted version of The Odyssey.  Your work will pay off during the State Standards section!  Good Job!

AP Lit.:  Good initial discussion today of Morrison’s The Bluest Eye!  Using topics from our Collective Discussion today, use the “leave a comment” button to post a reflection about or response to one of the ideas.  Please respond by Monday, Sept. 24.

Tuesday, September 11

It was so exciting for me to meet your parents at last night’s Open House!  I enjoy meeting your parents and seeing their interest in and enthusiasm for your learning.  I had over 70 parents attend Open House, and I am so pleased!

Thursday, Sept. 6

World Lit.:  We focused on perspective today and covered Garner’s 9 Multiple Intelligences in class.  For class on Friday, remember to write 1-2 pages that describe/explain how your dominant 2-3 intelligences are evident in your life or your learning.  Your Exit Passes (describing what you’re learning about yourselves in the last few days) are SO inspiring and powerful!  Thank you for sharing these with me!

AP Lit.:  We reviewed Critical Lenses to clarify some questions you may have thought.  I read excerpts from Foster’s book How to Read Literature Like a Professor that addresses recognizing patterns/archetypes (Pp. xv, 29, 32, as a segue into reviewing Part 4 of your handbook, Archetypes.  Part of our discussion of archetypal examples involved Harry Potter, so I posted an academic article on our class page that expounds on this – take a look!  We did not view “Shrek” today but will begin this tomorrow for a common experience of visual text and as a modern example for employing Critical Lenses and Archetypes.

First Day!

World Lit.:  Welcome and introductions

AP Lit.:  Welcome!  Today you picked up your syllabus.  If you were absent, pick one up tomorrow!  Please return Parent Signature Slips on or before Friday.