AP Lit: Owen Meany Progress

I am happy with the ways in which your thinking about A Prayer For Owen Meany is revealing itself in the last few activities and assignments!  For some reason, Wednesday’s Reading Journal Conference reflections reveal that there seems to be lots of confusion about motif (what qualifies, how motifs “work,” the difference between motif and symbol, etc.).  We will address these confusions in class tomorrow/Friday and attempt to work our way into clarity.  What I like to see from your reported confusions are the ways that you are questioning and the depth of thought I am reading from many of you.

A Slight Change of Plan:  Because I really want you to focus on your Quarter 1 paper rewrites, due Monday, December 17, I am flipping classwork between Monday and Tuesday.  Monday will be a reading day (instead of Tuesday), and on Tuesday we will address Chapter 8 (which is due on Tuesday). Hopefully, this adjustment will help you to streamline your time and focus your efforts.

It will be wise to review the list of Literary Terms in your AP Lit. Class Handbook; I have devised a “Floor Tile” literary term review activity for Wednesday, Dec. 19.  You’ll like it!

World Lit: Socratic Discussion, Part 1 and “what’s next”

Thursday’s Socratic Discussions went pretty well!  Students will have opportunity to score a grade or to improve a grade during Socratic Discussion, Part II, on Friday, Dec. 14.

Next for class is Hamlet!  For Monday, Dec. 17, be sure to read the text pages over the Renaissance and Shakespeare (page numbers also posted on the white board in class),  656-665, and 704-707.

Thursday, Dec. 13

All Classes:  I have updated grades.  In this process, I discovered (for whatever reason) a link on Skyward to reveal 2nd Quarter grades was disabled after 1st Quarter grade reports.  This means, potentially, that grades were not revealed to anyone who was looking on Skyward – Eek!  I believe I have fixed the link problem.

There are still papers that I have not completely graded:

For World Lit: Critical Lens Analysis of “Shrek”

For AP Lit: Poetry Timed Writing.  Remember, your Quarter 1 paper re-writes are due on Monday, Dec. 17.  A blank appears on Skyward (or should appear now!), if you have not turned in your paper, re-write (which is not due yet).


Monday, December 3

World Literature:  We are doing a good job of working our way through the complexity of Oedipus Rex.  Make sure to take notes in class, both from what I write on the board for you and from what we talk about during times when we unpack the text.  We will be working with the text Oedipus Rex for the next two weeks, as we develop thinking and communication skills.

I have posted our daily plans and several documents for the next two weeks here on our blog.

Yet to come this semester are Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Dante’s Inferno.


AP Lit:  Today was an opportunity to for you to utilize what you already know from Critical Lenses as our discussion of A Prayer for Owen Meany continues. Please continue to take notes during class and to ask questions … did I say, ask questions??

Tuesday is a reading day, intentionally planned to assist you with time management and to get Chapter 5 read for Wednesday.  Fair Warning: there will be a QUIZ on Wednesday over reading that has been assigned for A Prayer for Owen Meany.  You may NOT use notes on this quiz.

My plan for Thursday is to return your Quarter 1 papers and to re-teach Thesis/Argument, paper structure, and common errors.  You will have opportunity to rewrite these papers, due one week after their return.  Here I go, back to grading.  So, read okay.