For Fall 2013 AP Lit. Juniors …

Hello!  Congratulations on completing your 10th grade year!  I hope the sunshine and warm days will soon catch up with the calendar and with summer plans for fun.  Here is your summer reading list and assignment.

The Awakening is available on eBook. 🙂

I usually do not make a habit of checking school email over the summer.  I may, a time or two.  Then, again, I may not.  This summer, I am finishing a play I began writing awhile back (before grad school), and I will be reading a few books for classes and a couple for fun.  I’ll be gardening, fishing, doing a few house projects, playing with my pets, and enjoying time with my family and friends.  Inevitably, I’ll find something else to do, because I am never bored and rarely sit still for long.

Enjoy your summer!


I have updated our AP Lit page to reflect our new 2013-2014 year together. Click on “AP Lit.” at the top of our Home Page to get to our Class Page.  I am eager to meet you!