World Lit.: New Plan for Sept. into Oct.

On our page, I have posted our new plan for Sept. 27 to Oct. 9.  Because there seems to be some confusion with the TPCASTT form and in executing poetry analysis, I am altering the form and adding another practice poetry analysis before the assessment/evaluation.

On Thursday, I retaught strategies of looking at pieces/parts of a poem, as a way to get to theme/meaning of a poem.  I announced our new plan to move forward with Poetry Analysis (another practice analysis and altered form).  If this goes well, we will use the newer tool for a final/summative assessment (call it a “test” if you want).  If there are still confusions and instances for re-teaching, I will re-evaluate how better to help you with analyzing poetry.

Moving Forward with the above plan will take a bit of time for me to do, so we will shift into a different way to find/interpret meaning from text.  On Thursday, I handed out “Literary Perspectives: Seeing the Same Thing in Many Ways: Using Our Critical Lenses,” and we began reading this as a class and understanding the concepts, which we’ll continue on Friday.

World Literature and Research – Updates to our Page

Posted on our page are new plans for our class, from Sept. 18 – 25, and timely documents for analyzing poetry.  More updates will be posted by early next week about our upcoming study of The Kite Runner and Literary Perspectives/Critical Lenses (different theoretical approaches to studying and understanding literature).

I am very happy about the investment and energy that I see from many students during class!  Your enthusiasm has an impact!  We are off to a great start – thank you!

AP Lit. – Updated/New Class Assignments & Activities

Posted on our page is an updated plan for Assignments and Activities for Sept. 20 to Oct. 4.  When you open or download this document, you will see the layout of our planned classwork, your assignments, and a framework for instructions that will happen in class.

I have also uploaded “The Yellow Wallpaper,” which will be handed out in class for study and discussion, and which will be posted temporarily (until we begin Frankenstein).