Drama Class Update

Please stay up-to-date and on top of classwork.  The latest plans for April 14-28 are also posted on our page.  In the next couple of weeks, you will receive lots of instruction and enjoy some fun in-class “on your feet” time,” — fun stuff and also helpful for your Final Exam. I encourage you NOT to miss class, especially for the “secret Senior Skip Day.”

AP Lit – updated class plans

I have developed newer, more specific class plans for April 11 to May 2 (also on our class page).  None of the former due dates have changed; however, this provides you with more specifics about classroom activities and objectives for learning.  I begin with the Reading Schedule for The Poisonwood Bible and with Panel Discussion dates.  Then, day-to-day plans list objectives and activities.
I hope this helps you to better plan your time and tasks!!