Quarter 1 Grades

Quarter 1 grades are posted.  Tomorrow in class, we can clear up any confusions and errors.  A few completed assignments were turned in with no names, so I can’t assign a score and these may appear as “missing.”  If I’ve made any errors, I’ll be glad to fix things up, and I apologize for any items I’ve missed.  For now, tonight, if there are confusions about a score, I may have written something in the comments portion for that grade, so please look there.

Keep in mind that a quarter grade is a “check point,” a mid-semester indicator of current achievement.  Quarter grades do not appear on transcripts.  In all classes, I have supplied a variety of activities and assignments designed to reveal students’ abilities to apply knowledge, comprehension, and language skills from our work in class, as well as components within assignments that synthesize learning and analytical skills.

AP Lit Quarter 1 Process Papers – I am still working on grading the final papers, especially those that were turned in Nov. 3-6.  If I don’t have all papers scored and posted by midnight, final process paper scores will not appear on Quarter 1.  Never fear!  The paper will count in Quarter 2 and will be factored into your total semester grade, based on total semester points.  Since I’ve provided feedback throughout the ‘process’ of grooming your paper (Oct. 12 through Oct. 29), you should have a decent idea about how your paper will score on the AP scale. I have also awarded scores for your involvement in actually completing the “process” of grooming a paper, reflecting the ability to develop a formal paper in thoughtful stages, rather than only providing a final product of a formal paper.  I trust that the number, variety, and depth of all Quarter 1 scored assignments are adequate to project an indicator of achievement without this one paper.

From my perspective, this is not only the best start to a school year that I’ve ever experienced, it is also the best experience I’ve encountered with students’ overall sustained investment in learning!  At the end of Quarter 1, I am thrilled for the ways that your work, investment, and levels of achievement open up greater possibilities for our next several weeks of class!