ACT Prep Links

If you want more ACT prep. resources, we have links at the Library Media Center.

If students sign up for a free account at Learning Express Library (below), you can track results as you take practice tests.  This site is paid for by state funds, so it will work if students try this at home or the public library.

JM Test Prep Links:

Mayo Test Prep Links: Review also has a nice web page with advice about how to overcome text anxiety.


Spring Semester: Off to a Great Start!

I feel really enthusiastic about this semester – each class seems involved and interested, and I’ve enjoyed a sense of humor from each class during this first week of the semester.  Everyone who has experienced course changes seems to be handling the adjustment well, but if I’m missing something with coming into my class, please, let me know and I’m glad to help make anything more clear.  Stay warm on these cold days, and, as always, let me know how I can help you better attain your goals in my class.