Drama Class

Welcome to Drama!  Here is our Course Syllabus for the class.  Honors Option is available, extra Self-Evaluation form.

Daily Assignments and Activities – I update and post this plan in our classroom on the wall.  Gauge activities by our class progress, if we “get behind” on the plan, however, I will post activities and assignments here (below) by date.

Beginning of the Semester:

Beginning to Sept. 13

Sept. 16 to October 1

October 1 – 31

November 4 – 22

Nov. 20 to Dec. 10



Documents and Handouts

1st Assignment= Intent to Learn

“I am From … miniscript”

Actors Notebook Instructions

An Introduction to the Concept of Drama

The Power of Drama – a short overview of the lasting qualities

History of Theatre Project Assignment – to be completed with a group

History of Theatre Presentation Rubric

History of Theatre Packet (many pages)

Study Guide for History of Theatre Test – based from Packet and augmented examples from class instruction

Stock Characters Chart – originating from historical Romans and Comedia Dell’ Arte, find modern examples of these classic characters

Basic Play Review

Learning the Lingo – a list of terms typical of theatre and the performing arts, some pictures to demonstrate stage and acting positions.

Intro to Medea. This was not formatting correctly, and it still presents unreadable glitches on electronic format, so we’ll use the copy from class only.

Viewing Guide for Euripides’ Medea.

Traditional Tragic Hero Chart

Six Components of Tragedy from Aristotle’s Poetics

Post-Viewing Medea


Staging Theatre and Analysis 

A Play Process – this document intends to help you understand how a play materializes from an initial idea to dusting up the sawdust when the lights fade.

BLOCKING – guidelines for staging and for putting a script into motion

Stage Fright


Improvisation Guidelines and Evaluation Slip for Grading

Four Levels of Characterization


Final Exam Scene Study

Scene Study and Performance Project

Final Decision Agreement

Scene Study and Performance Rubric

Four Levels of Characterization – to apply from previous study for this project

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